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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Pearls - 6 weeks- 17 months 


From the age of six weeks through 17 months, your baby expresses a need and desire to explore his/her surroundings. Our nursery features a warm, inviting design that calms your child and gives him/her a feeling of security.Our low student-to-teacher ratio creates the opportunity for our childcare experts to spend one-on-one time with your baby. To encourage his/her desire to communicate with others, we bond with your child during his/her daily activities, such as story time and feedings.


Emeralds - 18 months-24 months 


​The Toddler Program is a prepared environment which provides for the physical, psychological and developmental needs of the child under three.  The materials used provide the child the opportunity to learn through movement and exploration.

Diamonds - 3-4 years old
Each day the children have lessons given individually and they also attend large and small group activities. The overall goals of this program are to have children grow in independence, develop coordination, communication and concentration skills, and to learn there is an order to every activity to achieve a successful outcome.

*Enrollment fee: $50.00

After School Program

Rubies -5-12 years old 


The Montessori curriculum allows students the opportunity to explore areas of particular interests as well as math and language skills.  Research work provides the opportunity for students to utilize the skills they are in the process of acquiring. Through small group work, students learn about the importance of sharing in a leadership role during uninterrupted work time. Students leave the lower elementary program feeling confident about their capabilities. Montessori students are well rounded, curious and busy learners. They have developed a sense of who they are, their place within their community and are eager to contribute to the group as a whole.




-State of the art video cameras are installed in all classes as well as in corridors and in areas surrounding the school building.


-Licensed Nurse Onsite 


-Computer Labs


-Your child will be served breakfast, a morning snack, lunch and an evening snack daily


-Afterschool Tutoring available


-Transportation after school



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