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Care and education

Our qualified staff and faculty provide hands-on assistance to every child under our care. Precious Stones Academy addresses your child’s unique needs and interests and creates fun-filled and engaging ways for your child to learn while they play.

We offer the following programs:

More Programs

  • Pearl – 8 weeks-17 months

    From the age of eight weeks through 17 months, your baby expresses a need and desire to explore his/her surroundings. Our nursery features a warm, inviting design that calms your child and gives him/her a feeling of security. Our low student-to-teacher ratio creates the opportunity for our childcare experts to spend one-on-one time with your baby. To encourage his/her desire to communicate with others, we bond with your child during his/her daily activities, such as story time and feedings.

  • Ruby – 18 months-3 years

    The Toddler Program is a prepared environment that provides for the physical, psychological, and developmental needs of the child under three years old. The materials we use in our classroom provide the children under our care the opportunity to learn through movement and exploration.

  • Diamond – 3-5 years old

    Each day, the children under our care have lessons that are given individually. They also attend large and small group activities. The overall goals of this program are to have children grow in independence, develop coordination, communication, and concentration skills, and learn that there is an order for every activity to achieve a successful outcome.

After School Program

  • Diamond – 6-12 years old

    The Creative Curriculum can be used for after school hours to gives students the opportunity to explore their areas of particular interests as well as math and language skills. Research work provides the opportunity for students to utilize the skills they have in the process of acquiring. Transportation is available to those children in area public schools. Transportation forms permitting Precious Stones Academy to pick up your child must be signed and filed with our office and the public school office. After Schoolers will get an afternoon healthy snack. AS MUCH ADVANCE NOTICE AS POSSIBLE IS NECESSARY WHEN A PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILD IS NOT TO BE PICKED UP. We assist in homework assignments as this will help the parent(s) in knowing that the child has begun their homework. And for those that have no homework, we have games, puzzles, outside fun activities until departure.

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